Install issues with ATI 9200SE


Jun 13, 2003
Okay, i purchased a ATI 9200SE 8X AGP card last night and when home to install it. I have to say, ATI has the worst drivers ever, i spent 3 hours trying to get the drivers to install with no luck. I don't want to vent I just want some suggestions from those who are successful with the ATI card.


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Oh wow, that's like 1/2 the card of the 3 year old Radeon 8500.

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ATI Drivers or User Error?

I haven't had any problem with Genuine ATI driver installation yet.

Sounds like user error.


Uninstall user, and reinstall new user. Reformat him if necessary.

After all that then look at <A HREF="" target="_new">THIS thread</A>.

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Dec 31, 2007
built a sys of Win ME (yeah, I know... it all I had readily to-hand for the peops I built it for) 1.6duron, Biostar NF2-400 & 64mb 9200se... installed mobo AGP drivers, then installed latest drivers off ATI website then Dx9b in that order... went just fine 1st time...

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