Question Install Linux on an additional drive ?

Jan 27, 2021
I have Ubuntu on a SATA SSD and now got a NVME SSD and would like to have OS in it instead. I booted from USB and I thought I'd just do a simple install and then format the SATA drive. However, I found guides showing how to set up root and home directories on two drives and I think that might be better, but it seems slightly complicated. I created a partition of full disk size with / mount point (, but the guides say to do the same with another drive for /home, and delete the partitions if they exist, and they do (

Would it be formatted again? There isn't much stuff in it, so it wouldn't be a problem. However, will I be able to install programs and games on the root drive? Do I need a 'Swap space'? Or should I just install everything on the NVME and change the paths for file folders? (though I also don't know how to do that) I had installed an old HDD with the intention to reduce the SSD wear, so thought to direct separately some file folder paths to it.