Question Install Linux or Windows on a Lenovo Tab S8-50LC Android Tablet ?

Mar 26, 2023
hello friends!
I'm willing to install any possible OS on my Lenovo Tab S8-50LC, this is the detail you may wonder about this tablet
The thing is, I saw many Windows based tablets with this processor but I couldn't find any solution to how to install anything other than its stock Android firmware.

it would be great if anyone would know how I can install something on it, any kind of Linux distros, FreeBSD or whatever.
it's running on android 4.4.1 and I can't do the things I want, an android 5 update includes it, but I just downgraded it because it was fully buggy.

I did use XDA forum help for downgrading it, now I just need a way to install anything else on it

I mostly want it to use for browsing so as long as the suggested os would do the job I'm fine with it

some additional information you may need:
it doesn't have any bios option
it's already rooted if you know any good backdoors
I have access to dnx mode (it's similar to fastboot I guess)

and last, with its rn android version, it can connect to the internet and do some stuff, but I know it would be possible to install anything else on it probably and I wouldn't like to use it as a remote desktop client on a better system, I want it itself does the job for me
thanks for your time