Install open-air or shroud style Video Card for a 550D?


Dec 27, 2012
I have already purchased the Corsair 550D case. If you do not know, it is a quiet case, with a lot of places covered where you could insert a fan (such as the Radiator and Side), and the case runs quieter than your average case but sacrifices some performance because of it.

I am going to be using an air cooler for my CPU (Intel Stock Cooler), and I am worried about the temperatures being affected negatively by using an open-air cooler on the components, as the temperatures are already pretty bad as it is from what I've read (36C idle, 81C load for closed shroud GPU). If I use an open-air cooler, such as the MSI Twin Frozr III/IV, would it hurt my temperatures on my CPU? Like, push it into the 70s range? Or will it do that regardless?

I wasn't sure if this fell under Graphics Cards or some kind of Cases section.

Thank you for reading this topic. :)
Justin as long as there good push/pull airflow from the case. a large case like your should not have any heat issues. as long as you dont put the case in a place like a desk with do airflow. most of the heat now from the newer cpu and gpu is right at the chip. give a cpu and a video card a few inches of an air gap and the air in your case only going to be a few deg warmer then your room.