[SOLVED] install realtek hd audio driver failure !! [error code : 0x00000070]

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Feb 15, 2016
Yesterday my headphones randomly stopped working so today i uninstalled my realtek audio drivers and tried to reinstall. I keep getting this error. First i tried downloading from official realtek audio website but the installation gave an error.
Then i downloaded through my asus motherboard website to make sure it was compatible and i still get an error. I've tried booting into safe mode but the error persists.
Below is a picture of the error and also a picture of what my previous installation was that was working perfectly for many years.
View: https://imgur.com/a/WAfS9ZC

Windows 7 64 bit
asus z87a motherboard
Really struggling to reinstall audio drivers
I recommend running SDI tools for the drivers. Install the lite version and it will pull the necessary drivers you need. If you download the full version I think it’s like 20gbs.

This tool has helped me tremendously over the years. Also consider upgrading from windows 7 as it’s not supported anymore.
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