Install Win 7 on usb SSD from Windows 10?

Tom G

Jan 14, 2014
I have Win 10, but want to install Win 7 for another laptop on a new SSD (doesn't want W10). Have Samsung 500 SSD, and usb - SATA adaptor.

Was not seen.
Went into Disk Manager and Initialized.

Formatted 166GB / 303 (used MBR, second was all that was left).

Downloaded the Win7 ISO installation.

Run setup, (boot Disk 0 c:, Disk 1 visible) but get errors:

1) Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Setup does not support configuration of or installation to disks connected thru a USB or IEEE 1394.

2) Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Windows needs the driver for divice [USB Attached SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device]. Click 'Load Driver" and load the required device driver

3) Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The selected volume is offline. To install to this volume use the Disk management tool to bring the volume online.

Was trying to avoid clean install on other laptop (only access at night). Has anyone been successful at doing this?

Downloaded the driver / bat file (from MS):
RestoreUSBAttachedSCSIUASDriverWindows10 .bat << fails, has little info:
@echo off
sc config UASPStor start= demand
<< just setting up this service for UAS

You can use imagex to transfer the instalation.wim from a installation usb/dvd to a hdd/sdd so that the installation will be done on the target system,no slipstreaming and no nothing.
All you need is imagex you can download gigabytes of stuff from MS to get it,or you can search for standalone imagex or even better ximagex on the web,ximagex has a graphics interface to make all of this easier,the following instructions are for the commandline tool imagex.
The only command needed is this one.
(Of course you'll have to make sure that the drive has an active and bootable partition)
imagex /apply N:\Images\my-windows-partition.wim 1 W:\

All you have to do is change the drive letters, if your dvd or mounted iso is D:
and the target hdd/ssd is E:
you use
imagex /apply D:\sources\install.wim 1 E:
Make triple sure that you use the proper drive letter for the target, all data on that disk will be destroyed.
type cmd on the search bar and run command
the 1 at the end tells it wich list item to use.
If you have a dvd with multiple versions you can use
dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:F:\x86\sources\install.esd /index:1(2-3... )
to see which is which.
Make a folder with all the drivers for the target system,especially ethernet since otherwise if it fails to find them you'll have a unusable machine,on the disk so they will be available to windows after its booted up and your done.

As stated first make sure to make the drive primary and active so that it will start up when you put it into the other system.