Question Installation and start MySQL server under Windows 10

Jul 13, 2019
Hello Everyone,
I am fist here so excuse my noobing in theme, heard about this forums a lot so try... maybe you can help. I am under Windows 10, downloaded already installation msi file from mySQL pages (ca. 300MB), latest version of this Starting and something strange... there is no dialog boxes like in many docs and walk through in the network, no agreements etc, a specially choose kind of installation (standard, server and more), just strange screen afer accept access to computer and hard drive. It make a folder MySQL on C drive into x86 program files. Inside just: two Connectors J 8.0 and NET 8.0, folder MySQL installer for windows and Samples. That's all, there is nothing, MySQL not starting but in setup - completely different than in manuals on download page, it is installed, can be modified only.

I want just install normal mySQL on this sad windows and start it for programming local in computer, perfect connection when it finally start like php and mysql for use and creating pages, working scripts normal access to database.

Maybe there is something for non-administrators users to do that easy?
help please.