Installation HP PSC 2410 failed on WXP SP2


Jan 21, 2001
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When I try to install the HP PSC 2410 the Wizzard always ends up with
error message :

"There was a problem installing this hardware PSC 2400
An error occurred during the installation of this device.
The required section was not found in the INF."

First, I uninstalled HP OfficeJet (witch had installed HP PSC 2410 driver,
so I installed the last OfficeJet (and driver)-> Nothing better

I unplugged all my USB devices, uninstalled all usb device drivers.
After a reboot in "safe mode", I deleted USB entries in device manager and
in registry.
After a second reboot, Windows XP SP2 has detected correctly USB
I try again to install PSC 2410 driver-> without success, the same
error occurs again and again

On Windows XP SP1, HP PSC 2410 works fine...
What's wrong with Windows XP SP2

my system : Abit KG7 (southbridge VIA VT82C686B, USB port 1.1) with lastest
released BIOS
VIA Hyperion 4.53
VIA USB Filter 1.10 (with or without it, HP PSC 2410 does NOT work on WXP

Thank you for any help

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Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware,comp.periphs.printers (More info?)

I can only offer you sympathy. I have been trying since
Christmas day to install a PSC 2410 on a HP Pavilion with
Windows 98 SE. I have downloaded and tried all the version of
the install software on HP's web site but whatever install I use
I get an invalid page fault on the program HPZGLU09.EXE and
after the install is finished I have no printer, scanner or fax.
I have tried numerous solution offered by HP in response to my
emails to Tech support and I sill get the same fault. A phone
call got me a promise of a new Cd but I am not optimistic that
will make any difference. Strange thing is it will install to my
work Acer Laptop (also running W98 SE) so I have to assume there
some software incompatibility. My Pavilion is now not running
as well as it was after some of the solution HP suggested and a
reinstall of Windows didn't fix it either. I thinking it's time
to take that XP box off the shelf and install that but I will
await the new CD first. Although none of HP suggestions worked
some of them made sense (i.e. uninstall all USB devices) so do
try there email support.


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