Installation problems.



Disk I/O Error: Status = 00008001
It occurs in the early stages of setup, after the various third-party drivers are loaded. The error is repeatable, and occurs at the same point each time setup is run.
i got over that though. just had to pop a zip disk in the drive becuase for some reason it takes it like a hard drive..
however, right after that, when it says 'setup is starting windows 2000' down the bottom, it just freezes. doesnt reposond or do anything. the hdd activity light stays on but nothing happens. nobody's home...
what could this possibly be and how do i correct it?
right now im posting from my p133... becuase its the main system thats screwed up.
PIII 800
384 megs ram - 2*128 pc133 and 1*128 pc100.
Aopen AX34 Pro II motherboard.
primary master - Western digital 17 gig
primary slave - Iomega zip (100)
secondary master - Western digital 13 gig
secondary slave - Pioneer 6x DVD
also have a yamaha burner on a tekram scsi card.
i'd just like some suggestions before i strip the system down to bare essentials and try again...


Mar 25, 2001
[Posted by charliee: "...i'd just like some suggestions before i strip the system down to bare essentials and try again...]

Charliee, while you're waiting for some suggestions on Win2000 installation on your system, I would like to say something from what I read some time ago, long before I first time installed Win2000. That were some tips and tricks on Win2000 install and how it may not recognize a second HDD at ones, other devices. There was a recommendation to install Win2000 initially on one HDD first with other drives disconnected, then add the rest.
Don't know about ZIP drive though. Sorry, didn't face any big problem with WinNT/2000 so far, can't help much.