Question Installation question

Jul 8, 2022
Is it recommended when installing windows to remove the ethernet and all non-essential devices?

Because I don't know why now the task bar when starting windows 10 does not load and I have to log out. It only happens in 10 not in 11, I can't find the reason for this problem


Retired Mod
When installing Windows, ANY version of Windows, it is highly recommended that you disconnect all drives except the drive you are installing FROM (Usually, these days, a USB flash drive) and the drive you are installing TO.

As far as not being connected to the internet, that depends on what kind of installation you are trying to do. If you are doing a standard installation then being connected and plugging in your Microsoft account information during the install is the best way to have a trouble free installation but if you are trying to NOT install using a Microsoft account, and want a "local" installation, then there are some additional steps including disconnecting from the internet, but you can also switch to a local account after installation and if that is what you want you can find that information here: