Question Installed 3060, now my PC won’t start ?

Nov 27, 2021
Basically what the title says, built my pc originally a year or so back and had initial startup issues then but nothing of concern, and have added or replaced parts throughout its life. Wednesday (11/24 I think) I finally got my hands on a 3060 and went to install it, put it in with the power off and power supply cable out and put everything back together and tried to turn it on. Nothing happened… I figured I was being an idiot and maybe hit something I shouldn’t have on the motherboard and decided well why not upgrade it and I can fix the issue hopefully. Nothing happened when I tried to turn it on.

Then I’m like okay maybe an issue with my power supply, so I take out my old one and nothing happens, so I go and get a new one along with a case (took advantage of Black Friday deals at Bestbuy) still nothing. At this point I’ve replaced the psu, gpu, mobo, and case. CPU looks fine and none of the pins were bent in the process. I’ve checked all my connections, tested power, tried resetting CMOS and BIOS (I guess flash BIOS I have power to that for some reason) but, nothing happens, I can’t even bypass the power switch.

I’m at a loss and don’t want to just junk the thing because of how much time and money I spent on it. All connections have been seated properly and in the correct places. Any suggestions will help and if any other info is needed let me know.

Motherboard- MSI B550 Gaming Plus
GPU- ROG Strix 12gb GeForce RTX 3060
PSU- Corsair RM750
Case- NZXT H510
RAM- 64gb PNY XLR8
CPU- Ryzen 7 3700X 8-core