Question Installed AIO and no post from cpu/gpu

Jul 25, 2019
Hello again...

So, I have recently upgraded some bits on my computer and a CPU cooler is the most recent. After installing a brand new Kraken x31 AIO my computer will start but will not post anything. When it starts, all fans come on and slowly increase to max speed, I can hear the AIO pump working and the gpu fans do initially spin up indicating it should be getting power but then there is no signal what so ever from the onboard hdmi/vga ports or through the gpu hdmi/display ports.

I have tired re-socketing the cpu and re-pasting the cooler, as well as unplugging and plugging every connector available.

One thing to note is the actual bracket that clamps the cpu seems a little jiggly. I have tightened it once but then it seemed way too hard to clamp in the cpu so backed it off until I was able to use the bar to clamp it down.... hope I didn't break my PC -_-

Thanks for any info or help!