Installed Crosshair V - BSOD at Start up!


Mar 23, 2011
Hi everyone,

I'm in bit of a pinch and need some assistance.

I recently bought two components from reputable people, one was a Crosshair Formula V and also a MSI 6970 Lightning. I just installed my new Corsair H100 cpu cooler as well.

I am using my Phenom II 965 X4 processor as well as my old HDD with all my files and Windows 7 installed.

Anyways, after installing everything I booted up the computer. For some reason I could not get any display signal. I looked on the card and there was a movable switch that you could move to "Bios", in which I did and it finally obtained a signal. It brought me to the computer bios screen but I did not care to really change anything since I just wanted to boot up Windows. I exited BIOS and waited for Windows to boot up.

I saw a blue screen flash in the blink of an eye followed by a windows could not start up properly or whatever the message was. Now it is doing a "startup repair". Can anyone tell me if I need to do something before booting up?

I came from a M4A7TDEVO motherboard and also was using a GTX 460. Could there be settings I need to change?
Sorry, but I did end up giggling, did you just use the same OS HDD that you were using with the M4A7TD-EVO and the GTX 460???
If so, you are really a piece of work, it's like trying to use the Ferrari's Gears for a Mercedes.
Since you've already gotten to the point where you're being asked for a Startup Repair, and we all know how good that is. I'd suggest you should not waste anymore time and energy behind repairing the OS.
A fresh clean install is the fastest and most trouble free solution to your problem.

What you actually should have done instead of being in a hurry to boot into windows was:
After putting in all the new stuff, getting into the BIOS and disabling all the stuff that you don't use or as other would say , just simply optimize the BIOS.
Then boot into Safe Mode, never into the regular Windows.
Uninstall all the drivers related to your older mobo and GPU especially since you changed over from Nvidia to ATI. Suggestion would be to use Driver Sweeper.
Then wait and let the OS detect the new Mobo and the devices.
Reboot into normal mode and then download and Install the latest driver from the Chip-set Manufacturers Website.