Installed McAfee and lost wired and wireless internet connectivity

Vegas Vic

Jul 12, 2012
Hello, I installed McAfee on my XPPro desktop. I've been using McAfee on all of my systems but kept this one separate (business account). I had an unused license in my non business account, so rather than paying for a separate renewal I went ahead and used it (downloaded from It required me to unistall the old McAfee and then installed the new program. Everything looked/worked fine. Shut the computer down and went to bed. Woke up today, booted up the box (5yr old Vostros, dual core, gig of ram -never any problems) and received the ol' "limited connectivity" warning. Desktop McAfee icon is corrupted, systray icon isn't present. Spoke with McAfee tech support -worthless. Said it was my provider, or something other than the software install. After doing some research I know this is a typical problem. Will someone please provide me with the fix (uninstall and reinstall tcip, or whatever)? In return I will tahnk you, and gladly file a complaint with the FTC against McAfee for selling bad software on the internet.