Question Installed new CPU, BIOS reset, no graphics card detected suddenly ?

May 28, 2022
Today i got my brand new cpu and i wanted to switch out with my old one, my new one is a i7-8700k. The old one was an i3-8100. So i switched them and i boot up and i get nothing but black. I just decided to switch back to the old cpu to see if i had a dead cpu. It ends up working but only on my second monitor (where i use integrated graphics only) and not on my main monitor (where i use my graphics card).

Something similar like this happened when i first built the pc and i took it to a shop to get it fixed. I would do that again but after spending all my money on a cpu, i dont have any more money. Nvidia says that it doesn't detect a gpu in my system at all. In Device Manager it shows up hidden with "Code 45" I tried a lot of things. I even uninstalled it from the Device Manager when I probably shouldn't have and tried to install nvidia drivers and it just gave me an error.

Feel free to ask any questions that could help solve my problem and I will try my best to answer them thoroughly.

Asus Prime B360M-A