Question Installed new CPU now having random freezing / wifi disconnection at random times

Jan 21, 2021
I've recently installed a new CPU and for some reason I've had many issues with it [Mind when I swap back to my old CPU I have 0 issues] but I've just kinda dealt with it and after months of trying to find the issue here and there I decided to make an account for tomshardware hoping I could get help from the community! thanks for stopping by.

CPU: Ryzen 3700x
GPU: Nvidia 1080 Ti Sc Black
MB: Asrock AB350 Pro4
Wifi Adapter: Asus PCE-AC88

I'll create a list of things I have tried to combat this random freeze / wifi disconnection.
-SFC /scannow
-reinstalled windows
-updated BIOS

sorry, as stated in title I start my PC up and randomly the WiFi will stop working and nothing will continue to load anymore whatsoever. I’m forced to hard reset with no other option.
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latest AMD chipset drivers/AGESA?

Try disabling PBO?

Lower RAM speeds? (not every mainboard with every CPU will necessarily work with every 3200 MHz RAM kit at default 1.20V RAM voltage, for example)

In Ryzen Balanced power plan?

As for 'reinstalled WIndows'...was this a full wipe/reload (delete existing partitions), or, a 'reset WIndows'/keep my files?