Installed new gigabyte motherboard but will not get past logo screen


Aug 19, 2010
Just installed new motherboard Gigabyte GA-MA770-UDS. The CPU is an AMD phenom 3.1 gtz.

I have an HD (IDE) connected in parrallel with a DVD writer. The IDE drive has my XP system and files on it, I want to copy this to a new HD (SATA) not yet connected.

The ram is 2 X 2 gig of Kingston value.

On switch on all I get is the logo screen showing the options to enter bios setup, but the keyboard will not function. Also the HD LED on the front panel is constantly on.

The keyboard is a USB type and has never been a problem.

Can anyone help please?

Remove the CMOS battery for ~5 minutes, then try again.

You're likely going to need to do a windows repair, using your OS disc. However, you may need to change the boot order in the BIOS first. If you've got a PS2 keyboard laying around, or that you can borrow, try that.


Dec 8, 2011
i had this kinda problem with my new mobo installation on a hp desktop - it was getting going then stopped and asked-- " repair or run normally"?
it couldnt get past this loop start bios then run " repair or run normally"?

i had no recovery disc handy as the desktop shipped without one ------ so i stuck in my toshiba laptop recovery disc and this re installed the windows enough to get it up and running , i then installed the asus cd that came with the new mobo.even surfed the net after this for a while - great !

next i will access the original recovery section on the hp hard drive and ask it to take over as it is currently running the windows from my tosh.
any how i think if you are having probs stick in the recovery disc and if you dont have one , borrow one from a friend . worst case it will install a version of windows and get your computer running enough to ask for "authentication" in the meatime you can use this window of oppurtunity to reload yoru original windows
tra la!