Question Installed new hard drive, now USB and HDMI ports are not receiving power


May 22, 2018
So, as the title says: I installed a new hard drive in my HP desktop and now the USB and HDMI ports are not receiving any power, meaning my monitor is not receiving any signal. I confirmed this by plugging in my USB mouse into all the ports, the ones on the back panel and the ones connected to the case, and the mouse doesn't light up.

Some details: I've had this desktop (HP ENVY 750-217c) since 2017, bought on eBay refurbished. It worked fine for a few years. Then about a year and half ago, the hard drive started failing. I just recently was able to buy a new hard drive (Seagate 4TB, my old one was a Toshiba 1TB that came with the computer). I removed the old hard drive and installed the new one (I did have to unplug the cable to the PSU that connects to the motherboard because it's located right next to a screw that I needed to unscrew to take out and put in the hard drives). I do have a GPU installed and I switched back and forth between that HDMI and the integrated GPU HDMI. When it powers on, the fans start working and it sounds like it's on, it's just not receiving any power to the ports which is why I'm not getting any signal to my monitor (in this case, it's a 32in Sony TV lol).

I pretty much did all the required troubleshooting: made sure everything was plugged in correctly, reset the CMOS battery, removed and reseated RAM, removed and reseated my GPU/also took it completely out and powered up, I even took out the new hard drive and put the old one back in and nothing.

Unfortunately, I'm thinking maybe I damaged the PSU cable to the motherboard or something, because it was super difficult to unplug and replug back in. Or the PSU is failing or it's not enough wattage (it's 300W) and I need to buy a new one, but I figured I'd get other opinions before I decide.

Thank you in advance.


I agree that your story appears to indicate a flaw in the power cable connections. It sounds like you have a MODULAR PSU - that is, there are several cables that plug into sockets on the side of the PSU, and these connect to various devices.

You have concentrated on the large cable that feeds the mobo because that is the one you had to disconnect and restore. DO check that again by unplugging it from the PSU and re-connecting securely. THEN do virtually the SAME thing for EVERY cable plugged into the PSU - one at a time to avoid confusion. You MAY have disturbed one of those when working. Likewise, for each of those "other" cables check its other end where it connects to an actual power user device.
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