Question Installed new MOBO, microsoft has changed something, local account login issues.


Jan 31, 2012
I upgraded from a 2600 to a 4790k the other day, and of course Bill Gates came to my house and had a tantrum on the floor, claiming my copy of windows was stolen and blah blah blah. I finally proved to him that it wasn't, and microsoft eliminated my ability to sign in locally, forcing me to use microsoft logins to start my system. I got around the hello and pin crap, but I can't find any way to login locally. I searched here, no good. I found tutorials online, all old and obsolete, or all deal with login in at startup. I HATE microsoft (not as much as ios, but close) and refuse to sign into something I don't use just to boot my system. The option to switch to your local account has been either removed or moved again. Most recent tutorial was from about April of this year, and my settings screen looks different. Any ideas?


Yes, make sure that your Windows license is attached to YOU via Microsoft account, which it sounds like it IS now, and then do a clean install. While doing the clean install, do not connect to the internet, choose the "I don't have internet" option and "install with limited blah, blah, blah" and you will have a local account at the end of the installation.