Installed new motherboard, no internet connection


Oct 13, 2012
Hi, today I replaced my old AS Rock motherboard with a new Z97 Extreme 4. I installed all the drivers, yet I still do not have an internet connection and it gives me the error that it is either a driver or hardware problem. Do I have to go and delete the old drivers, and if I do, where would I locate them?
make sure in the bios the lan port is turned on. also ceck that that the io shield not shorting the port out. the port should have a link led on and a blinking led. if in on and working.
the two drivers from asrock is intel mei drivers for windows 64 bit and the land drivers for the intel ethernet port.
You don't have to delete drivers, just update them... first try uninstalling the Network Adapter driver, restart the computer and it will be reinstalled automatically and correctly. If that doesn't work, try updating it with one already in your system, that's in the compatible drivers list.

Device Manager / Network Adapters / right click your adapter / Update driver software / Browse my computer for driver software / Let me pick from a list....... Compatible Driers List / Select the driver and press Next... the driver will be installed.

If the problem persists, you may need to install the Ethernet driver included in the motherboard drivers disk.

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