Question Installed new motherboard now the audio is bad


Dec 28, 2017
I just installed a new motherboard and cpu(MSI b450 tomahawk max and ryzen 5 3600) and now everything is working fine but the sounds are weird. Everything is so much louder on the new MB and CPU and the sounds are muffled and sometimes sound like I am underwater. I installed the correct audio drivers for the motherboard and installed the software for my headset but the audio is still bad. The system sounds are insanely loud even at the volume level 1 in volume mixer, discord voices have to be turned down much lower than before because of how loud they are, and games like rust and csgo have in game sounds that are very loud and muffled almost as though I was playing underwater. I don't know if this is normal for this motherboard or if the new motherboard is even the problem. It is very annoying because I have to turn the master volume on games down almost 30-50 levels because of how loud the games are and the game sounds are so bad it is hard to play the game and enjoy it. Is there anything that I can do to fix this problem or does this happen normally?