[SOLVED] Installed new RAM but monitors stay black

Apr 18, 2022
Hi there, I've just purchased 2x16 GB RAM (3200MHz) sticks for my pc, an upgrade from my 4x4 GB RAM (2133MHz) sticks. However, after properly installing the monitors stay black. Everything else in the PC boots up fine. No POST beeping happens either.

I've tried putting the two new sticks in different slots (with and without 2 sticks of the old RAM), each time making sure they were put in with enough pressure so they actually clicked into place.

I even put all the old RAM back in and the PC booted up perfectly fine. So it can't be a problem with and cables coming unplugged or dead RAM slots.

I look forward to anyones response. Thank you.

Here are my PC Specifications as well:

MBD: Alienware Area-51 R2. Model 0xjkkd
CPU: Intel I7-5820K
GPU: Nvidia GTX-980 and RTX-3060Ti
RAM (old): Samsung M378A5143DB0-CPB 4x4GB - DDR4 2133MHz
RAM(new): Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB 2x16GB - DDR4 3200MHz
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do you have the model number for the corsair ram?

Looking at the samsung ram its only 1.2v where from what i can google the corsair ram is 1.35v

if the ram does work it should downclock it to 2666Mhz, you might have to leave the computer on for a while as it tries to do memory learning to see what timings it can run.
I don't think the voltage are different.
1.2V is at JEDEC speed and 1.35V is at max XMP speed.
As we can see here for the Corsair RAM sticks, in the Tech Specs

I don't think that these Corsair sticks have other XMP speeds than 3200.
The only solution would be to enter entirely manually :
speed 2666 Mhz
Latencies 16-18-18-35
And hope for the best