Installed raid 0 on ssd and hard drive??


Mar 4, 2012
Hi ,
I have just tried setting up raid on my pc so changed in bios then i run intel rapid storage technology i have set both drives to array 0000 and in intel screen it shows both drives the 56gb ssd and the 466 hdd ...
I believe my computer is not seeing it because it is seeing it as the one drive i have created it into but it is also only saying its size is 56gb which is what the raid supports i believe ,but how do i change this back please??
You should NEVER create a RAID array with a SSD and a HDD.
You should delete the RAID array and start over fresh.

When you use Intel RST the ports your SSD and HDD are connected to have to be in RAID mode, you don't create an actual RAID array.