[SOLVED] Installed ssd, old hard drive not showing up?


Jul 1, 2013
Today I installed a new ssd for my computer but now all the hard drive storage is not showing up. To install my ssd, I unhooked the connection for the hard drive, installed the ssd nvme then followed the installation process using a usb drive. After installing windows, I tried connecting my hard drive back but it won't show up in the task manager screen or disk management screen. I looked in the bios to see if there would be a boot option for my hard drive but there was none. I tried uninstalling the ssd again to see if the hard drive connection still works and it booted up without any problems. I looked in the bios and my hard drive shows up. When I put the ssd back in, and pressed the power button it briefly turned on then off for a few seconds and back on. I tried checking the bios to see if I could boot off of both devices but it is only allowing me to boot off of the ssd and I am still unable to see the hard drive in task manager or disk management. Anyone have any ideas to what could be causing this?