Installed Windows 10 on SSD with older laptop CPU duo to Core 5 causing system crash

Sep 5, 2018
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I've been happy with my Dell Inspiron 5400 after I upgraded the machine: CPU to Core i5, hard drive cloned Win7 to SSD until the system constantly reminded me to upgrade to Window 10. And did it by itself BUT had been always unsuccessful and restored system back to Win7 every time I started the machine. Finally, I fed up and performed a fresh installation of Windows 10 then the laptop only worked about 5 minutes from restart and froze. Power off, restart, and refroze...

I thought maybe I was unlucky that the motherboard was gone so I got rid of the DELL but to keep the 500G SSD. Only yesterday, I tried to use the same ssd to upgrade my mom's HP G70. I performed system clone and start the machine without problem. Then the nightmare came back, the system froze after 5 minutes.

So I wonder if there is a combination that causing the freeze: old machine, windows 10 and SSD.

Any constructive answers will be highly appreciated.



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