Question installed windows 5 times... help want to delete all other versions and keep the one that works

Jul 26, 2020
hey gu ys so i have thisd problem where i goto install windows but it doesnt allow me to install it on my kingston 500gb m.2 ssd
everytime i goto install it it i get a msg saying it cant be installed, needs parttition, or GPT
i finally go it ot install by just clicking on next when selecting the drive with no partitions
i was hoping it would simply create a new partition for me as it does that somewtimes
then when i goto boot it does work... and i get a error
i would like to successfuly instal;l win10 on my m.2 drive with no issues
am i doing somehitng i have no experience with pcs...thisis my first build ever

need help
how do i format the m.2 ssd so that there are no longer anyt partitions
/;how do i delete other vertsions of win 10 on a current ssd
i currently have a ssd that i boot from win10 but the issue is i have 4 other win10 on there and it always asks me to choose which win10 i want to continue with i want to delete all the other win10 version and leave this volume 1 only
can i do that??
or do i have to format the ssd again and start all over and install win 10 again ?


Win 10 Master
how to install onto m.2
remove all other drives
follow this guide:
when you get to warning about GPT, delete all the partitions on the drive and click next.
Win 10 will create 4 partitions here and continue on

Once pc successfully boots from m.2 drive, reattach ssd and go into bios to make sure ssd isn't included in boot order
from desktop (after booting from m.2), go to settings/update & security/recovery
under advanced startup, click restart now button
Pick troubleshoot
Pick advanced
Pick Command Prompt
Type diskpart and press enter

Type list disk and press enter

This will show the list of drives currently attached to PC, make note of the drive number of the drive you want to wipe

If Disk 1 is the drive you want to clear, type select 1) and press enter. A message will confirm it is selected

Warning: Diskpart Erase/Clean will permanently erase/destroy all data on the selected drive. Please be certain that you are erasing the correct disk.

Once you sure its right disk, type Clean and press enter

The Command Prompt window will display the message "DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk". Close out of the Command Prompt window by clicking the red X in the upper right hand corner.

restart PC and then all you need to do is format SSD and create partitions on it.