Installed windows onto new SSD...


Sep 30, 2011
Okay. so, i got a nice Mushkin 60gb SSD. after initializing it in my old windows installation, i popped in my windows 7 dvd, and installed windows, through my other windows, which is installed on a 1tb drive that i'd now like to format.. but i think the MBR is on the 1tb hdd, because when i unhook all my sata cables except the SSD, it says no system disk. do i need to reinstall windows from scratch, to create a MBR on the SSD, so that i can format the old hard drive? what can i do to fix this? thanks!
Bad idea the way ya started time

1. Disconnect the data cable to HD
2. Install SSD, connect data cable to SATA 0 port
3. Check BIOS on boot to make sure it's oN AHCI
4. Install Windoze to SSD
5. Run Windows Update until it refuses to do anymore.
6. Reconnect SATA cable from HD to SATA 1 port
7. Boot system
8. Reinstall programs over themselves.

Your SSD will be C:\ and HD D:\ under normal boot
If SSD dies or Windoze gets borked, you can still boot off HD via BIOS boot selection


Oct 30, 2010
Well, I just installed windows 7 to a 60gb Agility ssd. When I did that, I didn't format my HHD that had windows on it, instead, I just set the Agility to be the primary boot disk. That's when I started running into all sorts of problems. If you format both disks in the same screen and then install windows on the SSD, your problems should be done.

Side note, if you decide you want to use the AHCI mode, make sure you turn it on BEFORE you install windows or you have to have fun in registry.