Installed wrong ram now system not booting


Apr 4, 2007
Hi, I was given 2x4G ram which I installed on my Gigabite GA-G41MT-ES2L mobo, assuming it was DDR3 (I saw a 3 but my glasses did not let me pick up the full type - PC3) Switched on to beeps and no bootup. Checked ram and found my mistake. Replaced previous ram. On switch on after approx. 6secounds, PC fan, etc. ran then a many beeps- off 2 secs, on many beeps-off 2 secs, on many beeps-off 2 secs, on many beeps-off, on no beeps - off, on 20secs no beep- off, on 10secs no beeps. I pinned out clr_cmos but problem still exists. Have I smashed the system. Thanks for any advice.