installers dont work and windows refuses to shut down

Feb 6, 2019
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So hello, so a couple days ago my powersupply suffered a psu failure (fan burned out and thus constantly overheated) and today i start my pc and its all odd. first of all some apps just dont run at all but when you close them they stay in the backround but are unclosable via task manager. the second thing is, installers wont work. ive tried to reinstall some of my daily programs like bitvise (which has also now broken and refuses to disconnect from servers) and the installers just dont progress at all and cannot be ended even by task manager. no error no nothing. the third and final thing weird today is that it longer will shut down. i left to go run some errands and shut down my computer like normal about 6h later i come back home to find the computer to still be on and still with the message "shutting down". i have alot of valuble data on this machine and it would be a pain to reinstall and have to back up everything important again. especially with it in this state. im running windows 7 x64 im grateful of any help


Jan 27, 2019
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Windows may have broken when the PC powered off unexpectedly. But you could try repairing Windows. There's a couple different things you can try before you would really have to reinstall Windows. It depends on how much of a hassle it is to reinstall Windows in the first place. If you barely have any programs installed and just have documents/pictures and such, just transfer your data to a different drive and reinstall Windows.