Jan 4, 2006
Hello well i am trying to install the free trail 64bit windows os.

computer specs. asus A8V- Deluxe motherboard. AMD 64 athlon 3500+ two sata 80G harddrives on a raid-0 . also have windows 32bit pro os far as hardware everything is 64bit compatable.

Well o.k here go's, i downloaded the 64bit trail os from microsoft and burned the iso files to a cd-rw like they said. i was then told that if the cd does not open on it's own that i should open it with windows explorer and use the setup;exe well expoler did not open so am useing a program called WinImage this has worked.
I open the setup:exe and the 64bit windows(r) opens with the start window. the options are there asking me what i want to to do.
1) install windows
2) veiw setup instructions and release notes
3) perform additional tasks
4) check system compatibility

well I chose install nothing happens, i chose view setup and i get a page opened but the links for the instructions wont open for the reason i believe there 64bit. and i have not yet instaed 64bit.
i click on the perfrom additional task and i now have options asking me what i want to do 5 other tasks. but nothing opens there as well except the one asking me if i want to browse the cd.i see all the files and folds with in the cd but none of them used run the install since i have found that back with the setup:exe with WinImage.
?? :?: is there someting in the bios i need to have set first or??. i have bios 1009. any ideas :idea: on how to install this free trail 64bit os from MS. will be GREATLY excepted.
:?: Do i need to make a 2nd partition first with windows 32bit os??. or is this option there in the install of 64bit install??. as it is in 32bit os install.


Dec 31, 2005
it is bootable so set your bios to boot from cd first and install it that way you can set another partioion in there!