Installing a new video card, Did I get this right??


Nov 17, 2011
Hello everyone, this is acutally my first time installing a new video card, and I was wondering if I did it right. (insprion 530)

It seems to be running fine, my windows experience is rated at 5.5, and I can change my display settings. However I'm afraid I may have caused some instability with my installation routine.

G33m Motherboard, HIS 1gb DDR5 HD 6670 (DVI-D)

When I first placed in my new card, vista automatically installs its own driver. I searched the internets, and there seems to be no way to prevent an automatic driver install. So I was stuck with "VGA adapter", even after I put in my ATI disk. -So I updated it thru windows update, and got my display to state "Amd Radeon 6670".

Ran windows experience, to check my rating, and it was still stuck at one. So i ran my Ati Radeon disk again, and this time it seemed to do the trick. Driver begins installing, and screen flickers black a few times.

But then the screen goes completely dark. Could not get the screen to come up again. (I am assuming the BIOS was making the switch between the onboard VGA and my card's DVI-D?). Nothing to do but power down the computer.

I restart my computer, and my driver resumes installation!! Once it is done, my windows experience ratings goes up to 5.5, and I can finally adjust my display settings.

So did I manage to stumble in the right direction, or just create a situation for future issues???



Go to and download the most current version of Catalyst Software Suite. Get either the 32-bit or 64-bit version (depending on which you have) and install.

The disk will have outdated drivers. Good luck!

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