Installing a second HDD for gaming.....a little confused


Mar 27, 2012
Hi Guys
I have just sucessfully built my new gaming rig (my first one ever I might add) and I am about to install a second HDD (a 2TB one) I have my first hard drive dedicated to my operating system and I want to have my 2TB dedicated to installing my games and programs.
what I want to know is how hard is it to install games and programs onto a second drive since the default drive is always C/: or C/:program files. do I need to create a program files folder on my secondary drive to make it work? or what steps do I need to take to make sure my games/programs will run off my second drive?

any help will be greatly appreciated :)


Basically just click the Advanced option whenever installing something and it will give you the option to specify where it is installed to. You might want to have a "Games" folder on the drive you add just to keep things organized a bit, but that's up to you. You do not need to create a program files folder on the 2nd drive. You can change a registry key to make the default install location be your 2nd drive if that's something you would want.