Question Installing an SSD to my PC as my secondary Storage

May 28, 2019
Hi, in advance thank you for the help. I have recently bought a Samsung EVO 250gb SSD to align with my Hardrive, now to install it i also bought a Dynamode drive Bay which acts as an adaptor to install my 2.5" SSD. The problem i have encountered is that im not sure how to actually install the bracket into my PC, i tried sliding it in but the bracket looks a little too small for the hardrive bay and it doesn't seem to fit. I don't know if i am meant to just hover it into the bay and screw some screws in to keep it in place but that just doesn't seem practical or safe. furthermore, my PC case has built in SATA and power slots already placed and if i try plug the SSD into the area, the card is too central meaning it doesn't align in the correct manner. I am in a big problem here as i spent a lot of money i don't have. If you require pictures to assist please dont hesitate to ask