Installing Epson SD 800 dual floppy


Dec 31, 2007
I have a Dell Dimension XPS-R450 running WinXPPro SP1. I installed an Epson SD800 dual floppy drive in it. I can't get the 5.25" drive recognized, only the 3.5" drive. How can I get both drives to be seen?

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You need a motherboard with BIOS that supports Drive B. This option hasn't been popular since the Pentium 1 days.

Now, here's an amazing thing: I've used BIOS editors and found floppy B support to be present, but hidden, in most BIOS versions. Because it's hidden, you can't set a drive type, and it's set to "none" by default. It's completely possible to use a BIOS editor to write a custom BIOS where Floppy B settings are shown!

But you have a Dell, which has the BIOS file incorporated into a DOS executable. So you would first have to figure out how to extract the BIOS from that file, then modify the BIOS, then flash the board.

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