Question Installing GPU Driver for AMD Radeon HD 7850 on Windows 10 crashes the system


Feb 14, 2013
Current Specs -
CPU : Intel Core i5 4400
GPU: Radeon HD 7850 2GB GDDR5
RAM - 4x2 8 GB DDR3
Mobo - Gigabyte H81M-S2

So, recently while playing a game (Dota) my system crashed, and was unable to boot up. The screen was blank and nothing was showing up.
I was able to boot into safe mode, but was unable to boot into regular windows. So I decided to do a clean install. Removed all files and settings and installed plain vanilla windows 10.

So after installation (I installed without internet), the PC was working fine, I connected it to the internet, and downloaded my GPU drivers (Latest ones released less than a month ago for Windows 10 64 bit). As soon as I installed it, the screen went blank, and nothing happened, the num-lock key was not working on the keyboard and the machine crashed. I tried restarting several times and the machine was unable the boot, it was exactly like the last time the PC crashed, I booted into safe mode, rolled back the driver and the machine booted fine.

I am currently using the Generic Display driver for my GPU and everything seems stable, but I can't play any games or anything since the FPS I get is horrible. Does anyone have any solution for this?