Question Installing GTX 970 - 1 long, 3 normal beeps


Nov 30, 2020
Hey all! So I have a bit of a odd scenario, I documented every detail to help narrow down the issue.

Products :: GeForce<sup>(R)</sup> GTX 970

Is the exact model of the card.

I previously had a gtx 570 installed with its latest drivers from 2018, everything was perfectly fine, I didn't touch the drivers or anything, I simply swapped the cards over.

So I installed my new gpu and when I booted up I booted with a normal post as usual, then when windows logo was loading I got a little bar of a whiteish colourful kinda glitchy looking bar up top, I freaked out and restarted. Then it proceeded with a post code indicating a gpu error (the 3 beep one), im familiar with this beep as I had memory issues in the past which are now resolved and memory and gpu use the same post code.

At this point my heart dropped and I wanted to cry. Anyways I persisted and booted up again, all sweet, windows loaded up but this time it was as though I installed windows for the first time and the graphics drivers had not been installed yet. That safe mode look.

I went into device manager and it was on microsoft default graphics, no gtx 970, cpuid had no gpu either.

I then saw "downloading NVIDIA - Display -" but it was stuck on %10, since I was freaked out and frantic I had given up and decided to restart again because I just went with the fact the card was faulty (jumping to conclusions like a fool).

Once I had restarted I saw "installing NVIDIA - Display -" then after a little while my resolution came back and I'm currently typing this, task manager shows gtx 970 and so does CPUID.

Can someone please give me some comfort information, what on earth just happened. I want to say my drivers for the GTX 570 weren't sufficient to run the card on first install.

Thank you

Update : When I scroll up and down on the browser it sort of glitches. A little bar matching the colour of the display I'm on. After a few updates and restarts that scroll up and down glitch seems to have ceased.

GPU Idle on 40c at 976 rpm.

I put on a game Team Fight Tactics, same graphics as league of legends, no issues as of yet.

at 45% load its 70c at 2000rpm

Update 2: Restarted windows after a update, it hang with the dotted circles not loading, so i freaked and restarted again, windows updates finished and im back on desktop.

Update 3: I went to click on GPU Z, my pc restarted the moment that pop up/notification came up to confirm.

I honestly feel like a clean install might be neccesary, anybody please give me some feedback on my progress <3 I'm freaking out.

Last update: Screen froze again while I had a game running in the background for about an hour maybe, had to restart. Computer posted with 3 beeps. Restarted again, computer posted fine then as I logged into windows (where you put in your password) It froze on that loading screen.

I wanna say it's the old card drivers conflicting with the new one but the beep code is throwing me off, can unstable drivers cause this scenario?

Sorry for the really long post wanted to get in as much info as possible.

Thank you :)


Nov 30, 2020
Motherboard: Asus Rampage III Formula (latest bios version)
CPU: Intel Core i7 950
CPU Cooler: Coolermaster 212 RGB Black Edition
GPU: Leadtek GTX 570
PSU: Corsair AX850
Storage: WD1002FAEX
Case: NZXT Phantom
RAM: 12 gig DDR3 GSkill Ripjaw 1333mhz
MONITOR: Samsung BX2450

Original perfectly working setup, I only swapped over gpu. Ty for reply :)

I'm using a vga to hdmi cable from my gpu to monitor if that might have anything to do with it.
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