Installing Hyper 212+ and Artic Silver 5


Sep 18, 2011
Hello everyone! I recently got myself a Hyper 212+ heatsink along with the proper Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste. I know there are no "true" ways of installing the thermal paste and one is just about as right as the other but does anyone know an easy way to do it or a tutorial on how to do it? I think Arctic Silver themselves have a tutorial but I wasn't sure whether to do it that way or not. I will also be using a lint free coffee filter and 97% alcohol to remove the current thermal paste along with a paper bag to install the new thermal paste. Is this good?

How about the Hyper 212+ fan itself? The instructions it came with are not really that clear so does anyone know a video or something that shows a good way to do it. I know there are a TON on Youtube but almost everyone of those videos does it a little different.

Also, do I HAVE to remove the motherboard to install the fan and replace thermal paste? The HAF 912 has a slot in the back plate that seems to be just there for that purpose of having not to remove it. The hole there is about two times the psace needed to install the back plate of the heatsink so I don't believe I would need to remove it.

Is there anything else I need to do after installing the thermal compound and heatsink?

If the motherboard tray has a cutout, you can install a cooler without removing the motherboard. However, it still might be easier to pull the motherboard. A lot depends on the case.

I use these to apply thermal compound:

The AS website says that AS5 needs 200 hours of curing time. I have been using AS5 for a long time and I have never noticed a significant temperature difference pre- and post-cure.


Apr 13, 2012
Kreek, I had installed the Hyper 212 Evo in my system, it's a bitch to fit it but after the works done its a good cooler & am very happy with it.
If I were you I would install your MB firstly then put case back together & lie pc case securely on the floor then you install the Cooler down towards your MB screwing the 2'oclock position screw followed by the 8'oclock position screw, 11'oclock followed by 4'oclock screw - you know bit by bit taking time. Real care needed in not screwing it on too tightly, it can f^ck the Processor up ;)