Question Installing my new RAM is making my system slower

May 26, 2020
I bought a new ram which is an 8GB HyperX 2666Mhz.

I installed it like normal and yes it registered in my system, now my system has 16GB of ram (i have 2X4GB HyperX RAM 2666mhz already installed)

my problem is that my PC is running slower.

when i removed the new ram and only used the old ram it was fine as ever, but when i tried only using the old ram the problem is still there. and while using it both the problem is still there.

how do i fix this kind of problem? its making my pc slower
Mixing RAM can be problematic, in some cases a system may not even boot. It would have been better to sell your original 8gb and have bought a 2x8gb kit.

I suspect when you install your RAM it is going from dual to single channel. You need to move the RAM to different slots. Originally the 2x4gb would have had 4gb in each channel. You need to put all the original 2x4gb in channel 1 and the new 8gb in channel 2 so you have a balanced 8gb in each channel. The motherboard instructions will tell you which channel each slot is.