Installing SSD soon...making sure I'm prepared.


Jan 15, 2012
Hello everyone! I just ordered a Crucial M4 128GB that I will be using as my 'C' boot drive in my desktop. I currently have two SATA HDD's one is a 250GB with Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate and applications and the other drive is a 500GB that is storage for files. I will be replacing the 250GB with the new M4 and installing a fresh copy of Win 7. I've done some research on installing SSD drives and read about enabling AHCI in the bios before installing Windows. Will enabling AHCI affect my other storage hard drive? Will Windows be able to "see" it one it's up and running? Here is the procedure I'm going to follow:

1. Back up any important data to my storage HDD from the boot HDD

2. Shut down computer and remove boot HDD and disconnect storage HDD for safety

3. Install SSD

4. Boot computer and enter BIOS

5. Change SATA mode to AHCI from IDE

6. Insert Win 7 DVD

7. Reboot saving changes to BIOS

8. Install Windows on new SSD

9. After verifying installation shut down computer and connect storage HDD

10. Re-boot and enjoy

Anything missing? Thanks everyone!


Aug 5, 2011
I don't know if your storage drive will be affected by the change from IDE to AHCI, although my reasonably well-educated opinion is that it will work fine.

There are some things you should do to optimize your Win7 performance on an SSD after you install everything. I could explain it but there's a sticky that gives a lot of info:
Check out the tweaks/optimization section.
... add an imaging tool to keep an up to date image for when the SSD takes a dump. I use EASUS's ToDo Backup. Once a week I take a snapshot of the drive.

If you want to shortcut the process, you can start now by installing a second drive and re-install applications onto it until you get about 20GB below the capacity of your SSD, run cleanups on it, then clone the C: drive onto the SSD, swap drives and go. (I did and all is awesome)


May 23, 2008
point 2
i can switch my bios back and forth from IDE to ACHI all day and not an issue.
but in the right order.... or it BSODs

the correct order.
set windows to msAhci = 3
reboot, set bios to IDE

to go back again.
set MsAhci =0
and set BIOS to AHCI

do not fear the BSOD'S.

the way to get a BSOD on purpose is like this
1: set W5 to Msahci to 3 (ide)
set BIOS to AHCI
and windows BSOD'S.
see why?

there are 2 schools of thought.
1: install all in IDE mode and the switch
2: install all in AHCI and be happy.

try 2 and if that dont work installing try 1.