Installing Vista on new hard drive and...


Jan 10, 2009
Hi All,

I have a PC that has been running Vista since it was built a few years ago. All of a sudden the whole system began to slow--many many minutes to respond--until now at the point that I can't get passed the user menu when Windows first opens.

I want to save the files on the hard drive that has Windows installed. I have a second back-up internal drive, but (shame on me) it is smaller than the first drive and filled up with Vista's back-up, so I haven't backed up in some time (double shame on me).

Here's the question: can I install a fresh new hard drive, insert the original installation discs, install on the new hard drive, and then recover the files on my original hard drive, or even continue to use that drive while operating Windows from the new drive? Is there any problem if I've booted from the new drive while still having a copy of Vista on the old drive before I have a chance to delete it?