Installing W2K on a Asus board


Sep 5, 2002
first of all, I ´really don´t where to write this thread. Is it a Asus or a WIndows 2000 problem???

How can I install W2K on my HDD with a Asus A7V266-EX board.
My HDD is clean, formated and good looking.

I am not able to install anything (Win98/xp/WinME)
The Cd´s, the board (new), memory(new) are all functional

With W2k the system tells me that I don´t have a HDD
With Win98/ME = general fault in W98setup.bin
With XP = strange thing about " if this happens the first time.....and so on

I tried to search with google on the net, but all ethe solutions are about when you allready have an installed system. But I do not.

So, I am very pleased if someone could help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance

PS: Sorry about my bad English...


May 10, 2002
You may install W2K directly from CD. Just make sure you have set in your BIOS to boot from CD-ROM first. You should also check if the HDD has been configured properly in BIOS. When you boot your PC from CD-ROM, the installation program will start and will ask you whether you want a clean install or repair of existing OS. If your HDD is new and empty, then select clean install. Then the program will allow you to create partition and format the HDD. The remaining steps are quite straightforward. Just the screen prompts and you should be fine.

Good luck!