Installing Win2000


Aug 19, 2001
I recently upgraded my chip/mobo (see virtually every thread on this MB for more detail ) and since then Win2k hasn't worked. When I load it up it gives blue screen with "Inaccesible boot device". I understand from Usenet that this is because my hard drive contoller has changed. To get Win2k to work I need to either install Via4in1s or reinstall Win2k. I can't install the 4in1s as I can't get into Win2k at all. And I can't reinstall it...

I am currently using WinME (yuck!) dual booting with the bust Win2k. When I try to install Win2k in WinME it used to say it will not install as Win2k is older than WinME (yeah, but it's better you stupid thing) - however recently it's been saying it can't workout what version of Windows I'm using.

I tried installing Win95 and then installing Win2k from this, but Win95 will not work - I think the mobo is just too new for it. Win2k will not boot from CD nor can I install it from boot floppy ("this program will only work under Microsoft Winblows").

I can only think of 2 possible solutions:
1) Grab Win98, install it. It should be new enough to work with my mobo yet it's definatly older than Win2k. But I don't have a Win98 CD...
2) I heard once that there is a registry patch around that will change the WinME version number to Win98's - so Win2k setup will think it's newer. Possibly reinstalling WinME (to get rid of "Can't work out what version") and then applying this patch would help, but I don't even know if this patch exists. Anyone know anything about this?

What else could I do? The reg patch, if it exists, looks to be the best bet - does anyone know where to get it?

Chip: Athlon 1.2 266 (@12x100)
Mobo: ABit KT7A (via)
RAM: 384Mb PC133



Mar 31, 2001
One other inportant thing to add to the last post. Make sure your M/B has the lastest BIOS version. The newer BIOS add the boot capability for CD ROM devices. Since your system won't boot to the CD ROM it has to be either BIOS needs upgrade or BIOS needs configuration to boot the CD ROM.

Good Luck.

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Jul 13, 2001
Try disabling the Ultra DMA Mode while installing.
I kept getting blue screen and hardware failure at a certain point, change the above and hey - presto I now have a lovely win 2000 puter that is running about 10 - 15 % better performance than Win 98 SE (Passmark Performance Test )

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