Installing Win7 - Hard Drive comes up as "System"


Jul 26, 2010
Hi. Me and my friend were formatting my computer from vista to windows 7. No problem installing vista, but when it came to 7, and I tried to install 7 as 64x, it gave me an error telling me that it has to be 32x. He said that shouldn't be and that you should be able to write right over it. On the picture I'm posting, he says that when I click the drive, another button is supposed to pop up that allows me to format the drive, so I can erase vista and upgrade to 7. However, there isn't; we got baffled and frustrated and his theory is that my drive shouldn't say "System" next to it, and that it might be causing the problem, since when he did it, it said "drive" or something along those lines (I can't rememer exactly. But it's definitely not supposed to be "System".

If anyone has any idea how to change it from "System" to the correct format or whatever, so I'll be able to format it, then please let me know. Also if you think that this isn't the problem, then could you please help enlighten us on what to do to format and install win7?

Thank you!