Installing windows 10 on 2nd hard drive without DVD/ISO


May 17, 2013
So i just recently bought a new case and an SSD but the case didn't come with any dvd drive brackers, the front panel is blocked off, i also do not own any flash drives which begs me to ask my real question.

Is there any way i can hook the ssd up to my pc and still manage to put a copy of windows 10 on it without using a flash or dvd drive?
You can put windows installer files on SSD, so it runs windows install as soon as you boot from it.
Create 5GB, primary, active, fat32 partition on SSD,
copy contents of windows install media onto it,
use bootsect command to update mbr:
  • bootsect /nt60 x:
( x: drive letter of partition, where windows install files are copied)
boot from it and install.

This will install windows in legacy mode. You will not be able to install in UEFI mode this way.


Apr 13, 2018
A couple of things.
You say no " brackers" but you mean a caddy for a drive ? If you have a dvd drive you could connect power and sata cable with the side panel removed.

You could install using the iso file. Download the file required for " installing on another machine" as set out at the windows 10 download site, right click the iso, run as administrator and run Set Up. You will have to be careful to pick the new drive as the install location.


We do not recommend installing into a system with more than the install drive attached because windows may corrupt the new drive placing files on both drives but that does not always happen. As others have noted, best to just cough up for a usb drive.
Just spend a couple of quid and just buy a cheap and nasty 8GB pendrive from local supermarket. I can gurantee you will need to reinstall at somepoint and also very handy when Microsoft release updates twice a year to update from the lastest ISO, as you far less problems.


May 25, 2005
If you own a DVD drive and want to use it, simply open the case, plug a data and power cable to the DVD, boot the computer to BIOS [or UEFI], make the DVD drive the boot drive and install Windows 10.

After the install, shut down your computer, remove the cables from the DVD, put the cover back on the computer, reorder your boot drive to C:. End of job.