Question Installing windows 10 on a new ssd without a usb or dvd

Mar 18, 2019
Hello I'm buying a new ssd and want to install windows but don't have a usb and that kinda stuffs so I was just wondering if it would be possible to just plug in my new ssd and install windows on it without using a usb or dvd thing

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Nah fam like using some kinda installer and launch it from my main drive?
idk man I'm not good with pcs
There is no way around using a USB drive or a DVD, the system needs to boot into a windows Installer. Unless you unplugged your current hard drive and used another system to configure it as a bootable windows installer, except you'd need to format it, so you'd lose your data. Thats an enormous waste of time, and a problem that could be solved with a $5 4GB USB thumb drive.
You might try to boot-strap Windows installation on another computer where your SSD is connected to, and move the drive after first reboot.

Another option is to configure remote boot server, etc etc - highly complicated enterprise stuff.
Are you merely replacing an existing drive with a newer/fast SSD on an already functioning Windows system? (Do you already have Win 10?)

Entirely different scenario, and, quite possible your SSD might come with migration software...

Or, you can look up tutorials on cloning with Macrium Reflect, Aronis True Image, AOMEI Backupper, Easus Todo Backup. Clonezilla....