Installing windows 7 on another partition i could use some help


Jan 10, 2013
im having some problems with my computer and i can't use the cd drive and for some reason my usb drive wont boot windows installation but to fix these issues i need to reinstall windows (or so im told) i cant buy a new cd drive or a new hard drive at the moment so my only option is trying to install windows on a seperate partition. my plan was to install windows 7 on a new partition and then close down the original main partition after the new one is up and running so itll be like a fresh install. i found a guide on how to install another windows in another partition but the guide seems a little to advanced for me because there is lack of explanation for a noobie like me. i have managed to find a way of decreasing my main partition by 30gb and making a new partition and moving the space to that one through device manager instead of going through the guides steps on that. but now is my next problem, i don't really understand what the person means by mount the file to the other partition, do i just drop the iso to the other partition?


"mount the file to the other partition"

I understand you've got a copy of Windows as an ISO file - correct?
Well, you need to write that ISO file to a blank DVD using special Windows software such as the free IMGBurn:

When you have made that DVD, you boot your PC from it and Windows 7 Setup will start.
Choose the partition you want to install Windows on.