Installing XP SP3 to new SATA system?


Mar 3, 2009
First, thanks to all who helped me troubleshoot the DOA MoBo that came with my first barebones kit!
I've replaced it with a Gigabyte as you suggested and am now ready to try my first OS installation.

I've been browsing around for awhile, sorry if this Newbie question has been answered a gazillion times.

I have just finished the mechanical build of this machine, my first. This will be, of course, a fresh install.

I have a new installation CD for Windows XP SP 3. I've seen a lot of discussion on earlier versions
as to the need to "slipstream" drivers for the SATA hard drive onto an installation disk, but they SEEM
to apply only to earlier versions of XP and possibly the first downloadable (beta?) versions of SP 3.

So, in short -- do I need a slip-streamed nLIte CD for this install, or should the Windows CD OK by itself?

Thanks for any and all advice,

Kelly Fitzpatrick
Guam, USA

Gigabyte G31M-ES2L Motherboard
Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 2.20GHz OEM Processor
WD Caviar Blue 320 GB SATA Hard Drive
2.0 GB Corsair DDR 2 RAM
You probably dont need to slipstram anything .

Star the computer and if you get a single beep that it has POSTed correctly then hit the DEL key to enter the BIOS/ start up menu .

Use your motherboard manual as a guide .

You need to disable AHCI , and enable Native IDE mode for your SATA ports .

Set the DVD drive to first boot device , the hard drive to second , put the windows disc in and then hit the reset or power button to restart the system