Installing xp with win 7 as a dual boot.


Nov 20, 2009
I have windows 7 pro 64 bit installed on my computer. I just found that a program that I need for work will not work in the 64 bit environment. What are my options? I do have a copy of xp pro, 32 bit. I tried to install it on the D: but did not get any options from the xp installation menu to let me do this. Is there a trick here? anything else? I was going to scratch win 7 but then I cannot use certain options of my vpn :( stuck between a digital rock and a hard place :(


If XP didn't see a drive to install to, it's most likely that you have the SATA controller in AHCI mode. XP doesn't have native sata/AHCI drivers so you will need to use the F6 option during the install to load in the AHCI drivers.

For dual booting, you MUST install the OS's in order from oldest to newest. This creates a dual boot loader.

A better option may be this:
1. Disconnect all drives except the one to install XP onto.
2. Install XP and drivers.
3. Reconnect remaining drives.

During boot, your computer may have an option to select a boot drive, i.e. F12 - Boot. Use this to choose the drive to boot from.

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