Question InstallShield Update Service Scheduler disables my internet


Aug 6, 2017
So I have noticed this program "InstallShield® Update Service Scheduler" running on my background months ago and I didnt know what it was, so I scanned it with anti-virus, nothing disturbing, and as I didnt have time to spend researching it at the time I just ignored it. But Im not sure if it was like that from the appearing of this program or did I just recently noticed it, but this thing is doing sth to my network.
For example: When I start my Windows, I cannot go straight to google and do my things, because it says I have no internet connection, I need to wait 2-3 mins for this InstallShield to load up in my background and then I can access the internet ?? I was like WTF when I realised that, but I still said ok f**k it, I guess I'll live with this for now. But a few days ago sth that I cannot cope with anymore happened: I lost access to websites I use almost everyday, websites I do important stuff on, and I am almost certain that InstallShield® Update Service Scheduler is causing the problem. I get errors like:
400 Bad Request
Bad Request
Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

And also:

This site can't be reached


I am able to open some certian websites but I cannot review any images on the sites apart from ads, the image section just sits greyed out :/

If I turn off the InstallShield Scheduler I just cannot use my internet at all no access to anything..
I've heard pople complaining about this before and saying to me its not the InstallShield itself causing the problem it is just connected to sth with the proxy that f**ks things up.

So what I did in hope of fixing the problem was this:
Opened regedit--->Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Mic rosoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel "Connection Settings" 1--->0
Then I went into Control Panel\Internet Options\Connections And then changed my LAN settings from use proxy to automat detect. Now here is my problem: As soon as I close the window the setting
gets reversed and use proxy is again checked leaving the automat detect unchecked, I tried restarting my computer after the switch from 1-0 but didnt help, what I found out is that it also gets changed back to 1.

Now tbh with you I am not sure what the 1 and 0 means I just now that when its on 0 I am allowed to open the LAN settings if its 1 its just greyed out.

If you have read this far I am truly thankful to you and if you share your advice with me on how I can fix this I will be very happy.
It just makes me feel like in a rabbit hole, I just dont have access to sites I need to do stuff on because of a stupid setting like this, hopefully I will find the answer I am looking for here, because I am desperate.

Thank you in advance for you answers.