Question Instant Restart on Game(EU4) and Furmark Bling Stress Test Startup

Jun 28, 2020
So i have been experiencing some errors related to seemingly GPU lately and today i can't even launch a game as simple as EU4. I can play World of Tanks for a while weird enough. But that throws a "Video card failed to respond, try to restart the game" after 2 hours maybe 5 hours maybe 20 mins. Completely random. But it does not restart the computer. There's a day that i could play for a whole day in the last week. I don't experience low fps issues while playing. Dark Souls 3 crashes after random amount of time too. That game does not restart the pc too. Baffling...
Here's what i have tried so far in order:
  • did memtest86. All passed.
  • clean uninstall and install(update to latest) gpu driver.
  • check gpu pci cables, tried all rams in different slots, underclock, regular clock. Finally i eliminated ram error possibility. Placed them as mobo manual dictated.
  • did a gpu stress test too on a software i cant remember the name of. I received high fps for 40 mins. It was roaming around in a seemingly fantasy world (wow style).
  • update mobo driver after decharging reset(removed CMOS battery and pressed power button for 10 secs)
  • Furmark test ended up in complete failure. Restart immediately after i launch blind stress test.
  • completely formatted windows just now. Still same error.
Here's what i think should the error be:
It's either GPU cable missplacement or GPU is down or PSU is not doing it's job. There's a chance that i failed in the steps above of course.
System information:
GPU: AMD Radeon 590x Nitro+
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x 3.6/4.2 GHz Am4
RAMS: Corsair Vengeance 3200 mhz( I run at 2800)
MB: MSI X470 Gaming Pro
PSU: CoolerMaster Thunder 700W
I'm not a native English speaker. Sorry for my English and errors in my writing in advance.
Thank you for your help.
To be clear of the error:
Game(EU4) loads some files on startup. But before the menu comes black screen, mouse lights go off, keyboard lights go off, monitor orange lights and computer reboots. Typical restart it seems.
This maybe related:
I upgraded my parts 1 year ago from ddr3 system to ddr4 system. Gpu, rams, cpu, mb. Except psu. It stayed. I used it since 2012. I checked voltages on 12v values. Someone here in this forum said it would be below 12. It's not. But someone else said you can't reliably check psu voltages through software. So i can't really say anything about that.
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